yoz 01:12 18/4



I'm generally feeling much better today. I woke up covered in sweat at about 5:30am, convinced that I had to define myself as the list output of a program in order to get out of there, but in order to do that I had to work out what the program was actually trying to do so that I could write the final statement. (Don't worry, it's happened to me before. Or maybe worry more) I had all the wires taken out of my neck which was a relief as they were starting to hurt, but now the intravenous feed's in my hand instead, which is still a pain. I had a second MRI-scan done (the first was done while I was sedated) but I haven't seen the result yet. I got woken up from my nap at 2pm by Dr. Bouloux the endocrinologist and several of his students wanting to pose their theory that I had Reiter's Syndrome (an allergic reaction to the sudden disappearance of a microbe, something like that) which was disputed by another specialist.

The main good news is that it looks like I'll probably be home in time for Passover (Wednesday night), which is something I'm really glad about. We're still not sure that there's no permanent damage to my brain (according to the neurologists I definitely received a "brain insult"), hopefully my visit with the psychologist on Wednesday should give us some kind of answer to that one.

I'd like to say a big thanks once again to everyone who sent positive vibes in my direction - it gave me an amazing morale boost. I never thought I'd get such a sizeable reaction to something like this and I'm incredibly flattered. It certainly helped me get over my minor amnesia-induced identity crisis.

-- Come 'N' Get Some Hot Yoz Love