Form linker accessory for IE5

This thing's still in the alpha (i.e. quick hack of an evening) stage, but this IE5 Web Accessory adds a "Link this Form" item to the IE right-click menu. Any time you're looking at a form you'd like to link, just choose the option from the context menu. The little client-side script does all the HTML twiddling that the server-side proxy does, so all that's left is to submit the form. Done!

How to install

  1. Download this teeny-tiny zip file.
  2. Extract the yozlink1.htm file to a safe place - I suggest C:\Windows\Web\ (on Windows9x/ME) or C:\WINNT\Web\ (on Windows NT/2000).
  3. Extract the yozlink.reg to a temporary place where you can edit it. Don't run it yet!
  4. Right-click the .reg file and choose "Edit". Change the path in the last line to reflect the place where you put the .htm file. Oh, and remember to use double-backslashes, like it has already. Save it and close Notepad.
  5. Double-click the .reg file and say yes, you do want to insert the new data into the registry.
  6. Shut down all your IE windows. Next time you open one up, right-click anywhere in the window and you should see "Link this Form" in the pop-up menu!

If you find any bugs, tell me.

Some notes